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博士研究生陶天阳的基于双频投影策略的高精度三维实时测量论文发表于Applied Optics

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  近日,本实验室博士研究生陶天阳在条纹投影领域的文章"High-precision real-time 3D shape measurement using a bi-frequency scheme and multi-view system"被Applied Optics接收!

  • Tianyang Tao, Qian Chen, Shijie Feng, Yan Hu, Jian Da, and Chao Zuo, "High-precision real- time 3D shape measurement using a bi-frequency scheme and multi-view system," Appl. Opt. 56, 3646-3653 (2017)[PDF]


    High-speed and high-precision 3D shape measurement plays a central role in diverse applications such as automatic online inspection, robotics control, and human-computer interaction. Conventional multi-frame phase-shifting-based fringe projection profilometry techniques face inherent trade-offs between the speed and measurement precision, which are fundamentally limited by the fringe density and extra pattern projections used for de-ambiguity of fringe orders. Increasing the frequency of the projection fringes can obviously improve the measurement precision; however, it creates difficulties in the subsequent phase unwrapping. For this reason, to date, the frequency of the fringes in typical real-time 3D shape measurement techniques is generally less than 30 to guarantee a reasonable reliability of phase unwrapping. To overcome this limitation, a bi-frequency phaseshifting technique based on a multi-view fringe projection system is proposed, which significantly enhances the measurement precision without compromising the measurement speed. Based on the geometric constraints in a multi-view system, the unwrapped phase of the low-frequency (10-period) fringes can be obtained directly, which serves as a reference to unwrap the high-frequency phase map with a total number of periods of up to 160. Besides, the proposed scheme with 10-period and 160-period fringes is suitable for slightly defocusing projection, allowing a higher projection rate and measurement speed. Experiments on both static and dynamic scenes are performed, verifying that our method can achieve high-speed and high-precision 3D measurement at 300 frames per second with a precision of about 50 μm.

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