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博士研究生胡岩显微三维轮廓测量论文发表于Measurement Science and Technology

发表时间:2019-07-10 00:00

 近日,本实验室博士研究生胡岩在精密三维测量领域的文章"Absolute three-dimensional micro surface profile measurement based on a Greenough-type stereomicroscope" 被 Measurement Science and Technology 接收!

Y. Hu, Q. Chen, T. Tao, H. Li, and C. Zuo, “Absolute three-dimensional micro surface profile measurement based on a greenough-type steremomicroscope,” Measurement Science and Technology (2017).


Fringe projection profilometry hasbecome a widely used method in 3D shape measurement and 3D data acquisition forthe features of flexibility, noncontactness, and high accuracy. By combiningfringe projection setup with microscopic optics, the fringe pattern can be projectedand imaged within a small area, making it possible for measuring 3D surfaces ofmicro-components. In this paper, a Greenough-type stereomicroscope arrangementis firstly applied for this situation by using the two totally separated andcoaxial optical paths of the stereomicroscope. The calibration framework of thestereomicroscope-based system is proposed, which enables high-accuracycalibration of the optical setup for quantitative measurement with the effectof lens distortion eliminated. In the process of 3D reconstruction, depthinformation is firstly retrieved through the phase-height relation calibratedby a nonlinear fitting algorithm, and the transverse position can besubsequently obtained by solving the equations derived from the calibratedmodel of the camera. Experiments of both calibration and measurements areconducted and the results reveal that our system is capable of conducting fullyautomated 3D measurements with a depth accuracy of approximately 4 μm in a volume ofapproximately 8(L) mm × 6(W) mm × 3(H) mm.

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