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Some of our source code and dataset are published below are provided here as a means to ensure timely dissemination of scholarly and technical work on a noncommercial basis. If you use the code/data for your ownpapers and projects, please cite the corresponding paper associated with them. Download the compressed code (e.g. from the corresponding link and then follow the instructions. if you have a specific question, please feel free to contact me (surpasszuo(AT), zuochao(AT)

Advanced Biomedical Imaging


Structured illumination microscopy based on principal component analysis

[code download] The open source MATLAB toolbox—PCASIMtoolbox and associated dataset, as well as the corresponding user guide and demo results.


  • Qian, J., Cao, Y., Bi, Y. et al. Structured illumination microscopy based on principal component analysis. eLight 3, 4(2023).

Computational Imaging and Microscopy


Hybrid brightfield and darkfield transport of intensity approach for high-throughput quantitative phase microscopy

[code download] MATLAB source code of hybrid brightfield and darkfield transport of intensity (HBDTI) and associated dataset, as well as the corresponding user guide and demo results.


  • Lu L, Li J, Shu Y, et al, “Hybrid brightfield and darkfieldtransport of intensity approach for high-throughput quantitative phase microscopy,” Advanced Photonics, 4(5): 056002, 2022.


Adaptive step-size strategy for fourier ptychrography microscopy

[code download]MATLAB source code to implement the adaptive step size strategy for Fourier ptychographicreconstruction. A noisy experimental FPM dataset of an USAF resolution target is also included.



Fast Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT)-based TIE solver

[code download] MATLAB source code for implementing the DCT-based TIE solving. Note that an rectangular aperture needs to be used to generate boundary signal that is required for artifacts-free phase retrieval. If the aperture is not rectangular, an iterative DCT solver needs to be used, which can also be downloaded here [code download].



Optimum derivative estimation using Savitzky-Golay differentiation filter

[code download]MATLAB source code for the OSF with the simulated dataset. Note in the simulation, a pure phase object is assumed (single step inverse Laplacian), if one want to retrieve the phase of an absorbing object, then two step-TIE solver based on FFT or DCT should be used instead to get better accuracy.


[code download]

PCA based phase aberration compensation

[code download] MATLAB source code and two digital holograms of microphage cells for


Real-time & high-speed 3-D imaging and systems


Calibration of fringe projectionprofilometry: A comparative review

‍‍[code download]

Source codes of several calibration methods for fringe projection profilometry, including the linear phase-height model, the inverse linear phase-height model, the polynomial phase-height model, the governing equation based phase-height model, and the triangular stereo model where the projector is calibrated without the assistance of a calibrated camera.


Shijie Feng, Chao Zuo, Liang Zhang,Tianyang Tao, Yan Hu, Wei Yin, Jiaming Qian, and Qian Chen, “Calibration offringe projection profilometry: A comparative review,” Optics and Lasers in Engineering 143, 106622 (2021).


Real-time 3-D shape measurement with multi-view system

[code download] Source code along with six captured images from two cameras for



Real-time 3-D measurement with 2+2 phase shifting algorithm

[pattern download] 4 patterns for 2+2 phase shifting algorithm (800*600 pixel resolution for ACER 1161PA)


  • C. Zuo, Q. Chen, G. Guo, S. Feng, and F. Feng, "High-speed three-dimensional profilometry for multiple objects with complex shapes," Optics Express 20(17), 19493-19510 (2012);


Bi-frequency tripolar pulse-width-modulation fringe projection

[pattern download] 5 patterns for TPWM algorithm (608*684 pixel resolution for DLP   Light Crafter).


  • C. Zuo, Q. Chen, G. Guo, S. Feng, F. Feng, R. li and G. Shen, "High-speed three-dimensional shape measurement for dynamic scenes using bi-frequency tripolar pulse-width-modulation fringe projection," Optics and Lasers in Engineering 51(8), 953-960(2013).


   Optimized pulse width modulation pattern strategy

    [pattern download] Four phase-shift fringes in Optimized SPWM algorithm (608*684 pixel resolution for Light Crafter)


Infrared Image Processing


Display and detail enhancement for high-dynamic-range infrared images (DDE)

[code download] Source code along with two high-dynamic-range (HDR) infrared images for



Scene-based nonuniformity correction algorithm based on interframe registration (IRLMS)

[code download] Source code along with one raw infrared video sequence corrupted by FPN for IRLMS algorithm (as well as its improved verison). Note that the masked phase correlation sub-pixel registration algorithm is also included.



Range Limited Bi-Histogram Equalization (RLBHE)

[code download] Source code and test images for implementing RLBHE

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