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Publication List

Publication List


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[99] W.Yin, S. Feng, T. Tao, L. Huang, M.Trusiak, Q. Chen,and C. Zuo*, "High-speed 3D shape measurement using the optimized composite fringe patterns and stereo-assisted structured light system," Optics Express 27(3) 2411-2431 (2019). [PDF 3.98MB][MP4(1) 5.29MB‍] [MP4(2) 1.56MB]

[98]  S. Feng, Q. Chen*, G. Gu, T. Tao, L. Zhang, Y. Hu, W. Yin,and C. Zuo*, "Fringe pattern analysis using deep learning," Advanced Photonics 1(2) 1-7 (2019). [PDF 3.98MB] [Supplementary Information‍ 3.4MB]

[97]  J. Qian, T. Tao, S. Feng, Q. Chen, and C. Zuo*, "Motion-artifact-free dynamic 3D shape measurement with hybrid Fourier-transform phase-shifting profilometry" Optics Express 27(3),2713-2731 (2019). [PDF 7.79MB] [MP4(1) 527.11KB‍] [MP4(2) 1.39MB] [MP4(3) 1.17MB‍] [MP4(4) 719.39KB] [MP4(5) 2.57MB] [MP4(6) 14.99MB]

[MP4(7) 14.74MB]

[96]  Z. Wu, C. Zuo*, W. Guo, T. Tao, and Q. Zhang*, "High-speed three-dimensional shape measurement based on cyclic complementary Gray-code light" Optics Express 27(2), 1283-1297 (2019). [PDF 5.26MB] [AVI1 4.95MB] [AVI2 7.53MB] [AVI3 2.89MB]

[95]  X. Zhang§, J. Sun§, Z. Zhang, Y.Fan, Q. Chen, and C. Zuo*, "Multi-step phase aberration compensation method based on optimal principal component analysis and subsampling for digital holographic microscopy," Applied Optics 58 (2), 389-397 (2019). [PDF 1.57MB]

[94] W. Yin, C. Zuo*, S. Feng, T. Tao, Y. Hu, L. Huang, J. Ma, and Q. Chen*, "High-speed three-dimensional shape measurement using geometry-constraint-based number-theoretical phase unwrapping," Optics and Lasers in Engineering 115,21-31 (2019). [PDF 4.03MB] [MP4(1) 2.12MB] [MP4(2) 1.07MB]

[93] Y. Hu, Q. Chen*, S. Feng, T. Tao, A. Asundi, and C. Zuo*, "A new microscopic telecentric stereo vision system-Calibration, rectification, and three-dimensional reconstruction," Optics and Lasers in Engineering 113,14-22 (2019). [PDF 2.47MB]


[92] J. Zheng, C. Zuo, P. Gao, and G. Nienhaus*, "Dual-mode phase and fluorescence imaging with a confocal laser scanning microscope," Optics Letters 43(22), 5689-5692 (2018).  [PDF 1.97MB]

         Top Downloads in Optics Letters, Nov 2018

[91]  S. Feng*, L. Zhang, C. Zuo, T. Tao, Q. Chen, and G. Gu, "High dynamic range 3D measurements with fringe projection profilometry: a review," Measurement Science and Technology 29(12), 122001 (2018). [PDF 4.72MB]

[90]  N. Chen§, C. Zuo§, E. Lam, and B.Lee*, "3D Imaging Based on Depth Measurement Technologies," Sensors 18(11), 3711 (2018). [PDF 10.47MB]

       Invited Review for Special Issue of Depth Sensors and 3D Vision

[89]  C. Zuo*, S. Feng, L.Huang, T. Tao, W. Yin, and Q. Chen*, "Phase shifting algorithms for fringe projection profilometry: A review," Optics and Lasers in Engineering 109, 23-59 (2018). [PDF 11.68MB]

         Invited Review for Special Issue of Progress in Photomechanics

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[88]  J. Li, Q. Chen*, J. Sun, J. Zhang, X. Pan, and C. Zuo*, "Optimal illumination pattern for transport-of-intensity quantitative phase microscopy," Optics Express 26(21), 27599-27614(2018). [PDF 8.07MB] [MP4 3.85MB]

                 Selected for OSA Image of the Week

[87]  Y. Fan§, J. Sun§, Q. Chen*, J.Zhang, and C. Zuo*, "Wide-field anti-aliased quantitative differential phase contrast microscopy," Optics Express 26(19), 25129-25146 (2018). [PDF 6.45MB] [MP4 4.26MB]

[86]  L. Huang*, M. Idir, C. Zuo,T. Wang, K. Tayabaly, and E. Lippmann, "Two-dimensional stitching interferometry based on tilt measurement," Optics Express 26(18), 23278-23286 (2018). [PDF 8.08MB]

[85]  L. Huang*, M. Idir, C. Zuo, and A. Asundi, "Review of phase measuring deflectometry," Optics and Lasers in Engineering 107, 247-257 (2018). [PDF 2.69MB]

         Invited Review for Special Issue of Progress in Photomechanics

[84]  T. Tao, Q. Chen*, S. Feng, J. Qian, Y. Hu, L. Huang, and C. Zuo*, "High-speed real-time 3D shape measurement based on adaptive depth constraint," Optics Express 26(17), 22440-22456 (2018). [PDF 4.56MB] [MP4(1) 3.25MB] [MP4(2) 3.98MB] [MP4(3) 4.26MB] [MP4(4) 4.7MB] [MP4(5) 5.48MB]

[83]  J. Zhang, Q. Chen*, J. Li, J. Sun, and C. Zuo*, "Lensfree dynamic super-resolved phase imaging based on active micro-scanning," Optics Letters 43(15), 3714-3717 (2018). [PDF 3.14MB] [AVI 1.46MB]

[82]  J. Sun, Q. Chen*, J. Zhang, Y. Fan,and C. Zuo*, "Single-shot quantitative phase microscopy based on color-multiplexed Fourier ptychography," Optics Letters 43(14), 3365-3368 (2018). [PDF 3.54MB] [MOV 7.42MB]

                   Top Downloads in Optics Letters, July 2018

[81]  T. Tao, Q. Chen, S. Feng, Y. Hu, and C. Zuo*, "Active depth estimation from defocus using a camera array," Applied Optics 57(18), 4960-4967 (2018). [PDF 1.93MB]

         Invited Article for Special Issue on Advances in Photonics in China

[80]  J. Li, Q. Chen, J. Sun, J. Zhang, J. Ding, and C. Zuo*,"Three-dimensional tomographic microscopy technique with multi-frequency combination with partially coherent illuminations," Biomedical Optics Express 9(6), 2526-2542 (2018). [PDF 8.16MB] [MP4(1) 738.98KB] [MP4(2) 3.49MB] [MP4(3) 2.67MB]

[79]  J. Sun, C. Zuo*, J. Zhang, Y. Fan, and Q. Chen*,"High-speed Fourier ptychographic microscopy based on programmable annular illuminations," Scientific Reports 8(1),7669 (2018). [PDF 5.77MB] [Supplementary Information‍ 2.63MB] [MOV1 8.76MB] [MOV2 2.94MB] [MOV3 9.33MB]

[78]  S. Feng*, C. Zuo, T. Tao, Y. Hu, M. Zhang, Q. Chen, and G. Gu, "Robust dynamic 3-D measurements with motion-compensated phase-shifting profilometry," Optics and Lasers in Engineering 103, 127-138 (2018). [PDF 4.36MB] [AVI1 434.66KB] [AVI2 437.82KB]

          ESI Highly Cited Paper

[77]  H. Li, Y. Hu, T. Tao, S. Feng, M. Zhang, Y. Zhang, and C.Zuo*, "Optimal wavelength selection strategy in temporal phase unwrapping with projection distance minimization," Applied Optics 57(10), 2352-2360 (2018). [PDF 5.02MB] [AVI1 7.49MB] [AVI2 7.51MB] [AVI3 7.54MB]

[76]  C. Zuo*, T. Tao, S. Feng, L. Huang, A. Asundi, and Q.Chen, "Micro Fourier Transform Profilometry (μFTP): 3D shape measurementat 10,000 frames per second," Optics and Lasers in Engineering 102, 70-91 (2018). [PDF 8.64MB] [MOV1 13.77MB] [MOV2 6.3MB] [MOV3 6.52MB] [MOV4 6.17MB] [MOV5 5.93MB] [MOV6 7.26MB]

[MOV7 17.13MB] [MOV8 7.54MB] [MOV9 23.3MB]

          ESI Highly Cited Paper

[75]  Y. Hu, Q. Chen, Y. Zhang, S. Feng, T. Tao, H. Li, W. Yin, and C. Zuo*, "Dynamic microscopic 3D shape measurement based on marker-embedded Fourier transform profilometry," Applied Optics 57 (4), 772-780 (2018). [PDF 1.78MB] [MP4 920.66KB]


[74]  T. Tao, Q. Chen, S. Feng, Y. Hu, M. Zhang, and C. Zuo*, "High-precision real-time 3D shape measurement based on a quad-camera system," Journal of Optics 20(1),014009 (2017).

[73]  M. Wang, Y. Zhang*, Q. Chen, J. Sun, Y. Fan, and C. Zuo,"A color-corrected strategy for information multiplexed Fourier ptychographic imaging," Optics Communications 405,406-411 (2017). [PDF 2.17MB]

[72]  Y. Fan, J. Sun, Q. Chen, M. Wang, and C. Zuo*,"Adaptive denoising method for Fourier ptychographic microscopy," Optics Communications 404, 23-31 (2017).

[PDF 4.62MB]

[71]  Z. Guo*, Q. Yuan, J. Wang, C. Zuo, and L. Chen,"Phase retrieval in moiré volume computed tomography based on spatial phase shifting by triple-crossed gratings," Applied Optics 56(33), 9341-9350 (2017).

[70]  J. Cheng, Q. Yuan, Y. Dou, Y. Yao, J. Huang, C. Zuo, and Z. Gao*, "Phase extraction for dual-wavelength phase-shift Fizeau interferometry in the presence of multi-beam interference," Optics Communications 402, 489-497(2017). [PDF 3.93MB]

[69]  J. Li, Q. Chen*, J. Zhang, Y. Zhang, L. Lu, and C. Zuo*,"Efficient quantitative phase microscopy using programmable annular LED illumination," Biomedical Optics Express 8(10), 4687-4705 (2017). [PDF 11.19MB]

         Top Downloads in Biomedical Optics Express, Oct 2017

[68]  J. Zhang§, J. Sun§, Q. Chen*, J.Li, and C. Zuo*, "Adaptive pixel-super-resolved lensfree in-line digital holography for wide-field on-chip microscopy," Scientific Reports 7(1), 11777 (2017). [PDF 7.34MB] [AVI1 6.41MB] [AVI2 6.47MB]

[67]  M. Zhang, Q. Chen*, T. Tao, S. Feng, Y. Hu, H. Li, and C.Zuo*, "Robust and efficient multi-frequency temporal phase unwrapping: optimal fringe frequency and pattern sequence selection," Optics Express 25(17), 20381-20400 (2017). [PDF 5.14MB]

[66]  S. Pan, J. Ma*, R. Zhu, T. Ba, C. Zuo, F. Chen, J. Dou, C. Wei, and W. Zhou, "Real-time complex amplitude reconstruction method for beam quality M2 factor measurement," Optics Express 25(17), 20142-20155 (2017). [PDF 4.65MB]

[65]  J. Li, Q. Chen, J. Zhang, Z. Zhang, Y. Zhang, and C. Zuo*,"Optical diffraction tomography microscopy with transport of intensity equation using a light-emitting diode array," Optics and Lasers in Engineering 95, 26-34 (2017). [PDF 1.16MB] [MP4 78.95KB]

[64]  L. Huang*, J. Xue, B. Gao, C. Zuo, and M. Idir,"Zonal wavefront reconstruction in quadrilateral geometry for phase measuring deflectometry," Applied Optics 56(18), 5139-5144 (2017). [PDF 1.08MB]

[63]  Y. Hu, Q. Chen, S. Feng, T. Tao, H. Li, and C. Zuo*, "Real-time microscopic 3D shape measurement based on optimized pulse-width-modulation binary fringe projection," Measurement Science and Technology 28(7), 075010 (2017). [PDF 5.97MB] [MP4(1) ‍2.25MB] [MP4(2) 2.34MB] [MP4(3) ‍1.09MB] [MP4(4) 1.22MB]

[62]  T. Tao, Q. Chen, S. Feng, Y. Hu, J. Da, and C. Zuo*,"High-precision real-time 3D shape measurement using a bi-frequency scheme and multi-view system," Applied Optics 56(13), 3646-3653 (2017). [PDF 1.5MB]

[61]  J. Sun, C. Zuo*, L. Zhang, and Q. Chen*,"Resolution-enhanced Fourier ptychographic microscopy based on high-numerical-aperture illuminations," Scientific Reports 7(1), 1187 (2017). [PDF 5.1MB] [Supplementary Information‍ 1.64MB] [MOV 29.76MB]

         ESI Highly Cited Paper

[60]  C. Zuo*, J. Sun, J. Li, J. Zhang, A. Asundi, and Q. Chen*,"High-resolution transport-of-intensity quantitative phase microscopy with annular illumination," Scientific Reports 7(1), 7654 (2017). [PDF 6.9MB] [Supplementary Information‍ 2.80MB] [MOV1 14.35MB] [MOV2 20.79MB] [MOV3 22.11MB]

[59]  L. Huang*, J. Xue, B. Gao, C. Zuo, and M. Idir,"Spline based least squares integration for two-dimensional shape or wavefront reconstruction," Opticsand Lasers in Engineering 91, 221-226 (2017). [PDF 1.46MB]

[58]  Q. Yuan*, D. Zhu, Y. Chen, Z. Guo, C. Zuo, and Z. Gao,"Comparative assessment of astigmatism-corrected Czerny-Turner imaging spectrometer using off-the-shelf optics," Optics Communications 388, 53-61 (2017). [PDF 1.02MB]

[57]  Y. Hu, Q. Chen, T. Tao, H. Li, and C. Zuo*,"Absolute three-dimensional micro surface profile measurement based on a greenough-type stereo microscope," Measurement Science and Technology 28(4), 045004 (2017). [PDF 6.99MB]

[56]  S. Feng, Q. Chen, C. Zuo*, T. Tao, Y. Hu, and A. Asundi,"Motion-oriented high speed 3-D measurements by binocular fringeprojection using binary aperiodic patterns," Optics Express 25(2), 540-559 (2017). [PDF 4.65MB] [MP4(1) ‍863.84KB] [MP4(2) 3.29MB]

[55]  S. Feng*, Q. Chen, C. Zuo, and A. Asundi, "Fast three-dimensional measurements for dynamic scenes with shiny surfaces," Optics Communications 382, 18-27 (2017). [PDF 2.43MB] [MP4 10.22MB]


[54]  J. Li, Q. Chen, J. Sun, J. Zhang, and C. Zuo*,"Multimodal computational microscopy based on transport of intensity equation," Journal of Biomedical Optics 21(12), 126003 (2016). [PDF 6.62MB] [MP4(1) 1.32MB] [MP4(2) 529.82KB]

[53]  C. Zuo*, L. Huang, M. Zhang, Q. Chen, and A. Asundi,"Temporal phase unwrapping algorithms for fringe projection profilometry: A comparative review," Optics and Lasers in Engineering 85, 84-103 (2016). [PDF 8.25MB]

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[52]  C. Zuo*, J. Sun, and Q. Chen*, "Adaptive step-size strategy for noise-robust Fourier ptychographic microscopy," Optics Express 24(18), 20724-20744 (2016). [PDF 7.51MB] [MOV1 5.78MB] [MOV2 1.11MB]

[51]  T. Tao, Q. Chen*, J. Da, S. Feng, Y. Hu, and C. Zuo*,"Real-time 3-D shape measurement with composite phase-shifting fringes and multi-view system," Optics Express 24(18),20253-20269 (2016). [PDF 4.66MB] [MP4(1) 1.83MB] [MP4(2) 938.69KB] [MP4(3) 1.72MB] [MP4(4) 2.2MB]

       Selected for OSA Image of the Week

[50]  J. Sun, Q. Chen*, Y. Zhang, and C. Zuo*, "Sampling criteria for Fourier ptychographic microscopy in object space and frequency space," Optics Express 24(14),15765-15781 (2016). [PDF 23.27MB]

       Selected for Virtual Journal for Biomedical Optics, Vol.11,Iss.8

[49]  C. Zuo*, J. Sun, S. Feng, M. Zhang, and Q. Chen*,"Programmable aperture microscopy: A computational method for multi-modal phase contrast and light field imaging," Optics and Lasers in Engineering 80, 24-31 (2016). [PDF 9.25MB] [MP4(1) 4.58MB] [MP4(2) 37.45MB] [MP4(3) 56.79MB] [MP4(4) 3.08MB] [MP4(5) 4.36MB]

[MP4(6) 21.93MB] [MP4(7) 4.53MB]

[48]  J. Sun, Q. Chen*, Y. Zhang, and C. Zuo*, "Efficient positional misalignment correction method for Fourier ptychographic microscopy," Biomedical Optics Express 7(4), 1336-1350 (2016). [PDF 5.65MB]

         Most Cited Articles in Microscopy of BOE, 2016-2018

[47]  J. Sun, Q. Chen*, Y. Zhang, and C. Zuo*, "Optimal principal component analysis-based numerical phase aberration compensation method for digital holography," Optics Letters 41(6), 1293-1296 (2016). [PDF 1.99MB]

       Cover Feature

[46]  C. Zuo*, J. Sun, S. Feng, Y. Hu, and Q. Chen*,"Programmable Colored Illumination Microscopy (PCIM): A practical and flexible optical staining approach for microscopic contrast enhancement," Optics and Lasers in Engineering 78,35-47 (2016). [PDF 14.8MB] [MP4 8.63MB]

[45]  C. Zuo*, Q. Chen, J. Sun, and A. Asundi,"Non-interferometric phase retrieval and quantitative phase microscopy basedon transport of intensity equation: a review," Chinese Journal of Lasers 43, 219-249 (2016). (in Chinese) [PDF 31.56MB]

       Invited Review

       Cover Image of the Special Issue


[44]  S. Feng, Q. Chen, C. Zuo*, J. Sun, T. Tao, and Y. Hu,"A carrier removal technique for Fourier transform profilometry based on principal component analysis," Optics and Lasers in Engineering 74, 80-86 (2015). [PDF 3.94MB] [MP4 709.48KB]

[43]  J. Sun, C. Zuo*, and Q. Chen*, "Iterative optimum frequency combination method for high efficiency phase imaging of absorptive objects based on phase transfer function," Optics Express 23(21), 28031-28049 (2015). [PDF 8.22MB]

       Selected for Virtual Journal for Biomedical Optics Vol.10,Iss.10

[42]  S. Feng*, Q. Chen, and C. Zuo, "Graphics processing unit–assisted real-time three-dimensional measurement using speckle-embedded fringe," Applied Optics 54(22),6865-6873 (2015). [PDF 1.84MB] [MOV1 3.13MB] [MOV2 3.26MB]

[41]  C. Zuo*, Q. Chen, L. Tian, L. Waller, and A. Asundi,"Transport of intensity phase retrieval and computational imaging for partially coherent fields: The phase space perspective," Optics and Lasers in Engineering 71,20-32 (2015). [PDF 2.83MB] [MOV1 3.22MB] [MOV2 5.49MB] [MOV3 787.38KB] [MOV4 781.53KB]

[40]  C. Zuo*, J. Sun, J. Zhang, Y. Hu, and Q. Chen*,"Lensless phase microscopy and diffraction tomography with multi-angle andmulti-wavelength illuminations using a LED matrix," Optics Express 23(11), 14314-14328 (2015). [PDF 9.02MB] [AVI1 7.45MB] [AVI2 5.55MB]

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       Selected for OSA Virtual Journal for Biomedical Optics Vol.10,Iss.6

[39]  L. Huang*, C. Zuo, M. Idir, W. Qu, and A. Asundi,"Phase retrieval with the transport-of-intensity equation in anarbitrarily shaped aperture by iterative discrete cosine transforms," Optics Letters 40(9), 1976-1979 (2015). [PDF 797.16KB]

       Cover Feature

[38]  H. Xu*, Q. Chen, C. Zuo, C. Yang, and N. Liu, "Range limited double-thresholds multi-histogram equalization for image contrast enhancement," Optical Review 22(2),246-255 (2015). [PDF 1.74MB]

[37]  L. Huang*, M. Idir, C. Zuo, K. Kaznatcheev, L. Zhou, andA. Asundi, "Shape reconstruction from gradient data in an arbitrarily-shaped aperture by iterative discrete cosine transforms in Southwell configuration," Optics and Lasers in Engineering 67, 176-181 (2015). [PDF 2.73MB]

[36]  J. Sun, C. Zuo*, S. Feng, S. Yu, Y. Zhang, and Q. Chen*,"Improved intensity-optimized dithering technique for 3D shape measurement," Optics and Lasers in Engineering 66, 158-164 (2015). [PDF 4.85MB]

[35]  L. Huang*, M. Idir,C. Zuo, K. Kaznatcheev, L. Zhou, and A. Asundi, "Comparison of two-dimensional integration methods for shape reconstruction from gradient data," Optics and Lasers in Engineering 64,1-11 (2015). [PDF 8.13MB]


[34] S. Feng*, Q. Chen, C. Zuo, J. Sun, and S. Yu,"High-speed real-time 3-D coordinates measurement based on fringe projection profilometry considering camera lens distortion," Optics Communications 329, 44-56 (2014). [PDF 3.64MB] [MP4(1) 6.02MB] [MP4(2) 6.51MB] [MP4(3) 7.13MB]

[33] S. Feng*, Y. Zhang, Q. Chen, C. Zuo, R. Li, and G. Shen,"General solution for high dynamic range three-dimensional shape measurement using the fringe projection technique," Optics and Lasers in Engineering 59, 56-71 (2014). [PDF 9.01MB] [Erratum 225.45KB]

[32] C. Zuo*, Q. Chen*,H. Li, W. Qu, and A. Asundi, "Boundary-artifact-free phase retrieval withthe transport of intensity equation II: applications to microlens characterization," Optics Express 22(15), 18310-18324 (2014). [PDF 4.38MB]

[31] C. Zuo*, Q. Chen*, L. Huang, and A. Asundi, "Phase discrepancy analysis and compensation for fast Fourier transform based solution of the transport of intensity equation," Optics Express 22(14), 17172-17186 (2014). [PDF 5.92MB]

[30] P. Gao, G. Pedrini, C. Zuo, and W. Osten, "Phase retrieval using spatially modulated illumination," Optics Letters 39(12), 3615-3618 (2014). [PDF 556.0KB]

        Selected for Virtual Journal for Biomedical Optics Vol.9, Iss.8

[29] X. Sui*, W. He, C. Zuo, Q. Chen, and G. Gu, "10.6 μmInfrared light photoinduced insulator-to-metal transition in vanadium dioxide," Infrared Physics and Technology64, 103-107 (2014). [PDF 433.82KB]

[28] C. Zuo*, Q. Chen*, and A. Asundi,"Boundary-artifact-free phase retrieval with the transport of intensity equation: fast solution with use of discrete cosine transform," Optics Express 22(8), 9220-9244 (2014). [PDF 2.04MB]

[27] C. Zuo*, Q. Chen*, and A. Asundi, "Light field moment imaging: comment," Optics Letters 39(3), 654-654 (2014). [PDF 58.37KB]

        Selected for Virtual Journal for Biomedical Optics Vol.9, Iss.4

[26] C. Zuo*, Q. Chen, X. Sui, and J. Ren, "Brightness preserving image contrast enhancement using spatially weighted histogram equalization." The International Arab Journal of Information Technology 11(1), 25-32 (2014). [PDF 6.24MB]


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         Highlightedby OPSS

[23]  C. Zuo*, Q. Chen, W. Qu, and A. Asundi, "Noninterferometric single-shot quantitative phase microscopy," Optics Letters 38(18), 3538-3541 (2013). [PDF 982.94KB] [MOV 6.72MB]


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[22]  C. Zuo*, Y. Zhang, Q. Chen, G. Gu, W. Qian, X. Sui, and J. Ren, "A two-frame approach for scene-based nonuniformity correction in array sensors", Infrared Physics and Technology 60, 190-196 (2013). [PDF 1.41MB] [AVI1 644.5KB] [AVI2 804.5KB] [AVI3 804.5KB]

[21]  C. Zuo*, Q. Chen, G. Gu, S. Feng, F. Feng, R. Li, and G. Shen, "High-speed three-dimensional shape measurement for dynamic scenesusing bi-frequency tripolar pulse-width-modulation fringe projection", Optics and Lasers in Engineering 51(8),953-960 (2013). [PDF 1009.21KB] [MOV1 4.93MB] [MOV2 3.69MB]

         Most Cited Articles of OLEN, 2013-2018

[20]  C. Zuo*, Q. Chen, W. Qu, and A. Asundi, "Phase aberration compensation in digital holographic microscopy based on principal component analysis", Optics Letters 38(10), 1724-1726 (2013). [PDF 1.63MB]

         Selected for OSA Virtual Journal for Biomedical Optics Vol. 10, Iss. 6

[19]  C. Zuo*, Q. Chen, G. Gu, J. Ren, X. Sui, and Y. Zhang,"Optimized three-step phase-shifting profilometry using the third harmonic injection", Optica Applicata 43(2), 393-408 (2013). [PDF 1.56MB]

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[17]  C. Zuo, Q. Chen, and X. Sui, "Range Limited Bi-Histogram Equalization for image contrast enhancement", Optik 124(5), 425-431 (2013). [PDF 1.45MB]

         Most Cited Articles of Optik, 2013-2017

[16]  C. Zuo, Q. Chen, S.Feng, G. Gu, and A. Asundi, "Real-time three-dimensional infrared imaging using fringe projection profilometry," Chinese Optics Letters 14, 47-50 (2013). [PDF 816.56KB]

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         Cover Feature


[14]  X. Lei, G. Gu*, X. Sui,and C. Zuo. "Improved temporal high-pass filter nonuniformity correction based on bilateral filter," Laser& Infrared 42(7), 831-846 (2012). (in Chinese) [PDF 1.04MB]

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Non-refereed Publications

Non-refereed Publications


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Books and Chapters

Books and Chapters


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